speculative, design, xeno, cultures, xenodesign, xenocultures, abduction, knowledge, experiments

^ studio is a speculative design practice set up by Michaela Büsse and Konstantin Mitrokhov.

We are driven by curiosity and the urge to make sense of what it means to be in the world. Through our practice we aim to draw ever new relations and question existing beliefs of means and ends, objects and subjects, space and time. Being aware that every truth is nothing but one possible constellation out of an infinite pool of options, our attempt is to proliferate this mechanism and multiply it to the extreme.

By exploring a media design practice that we like to refer to as xeno-design we aim to provoke the re-cognition of the human being. Like an optical illusion our alternative realities invert correlations, dualisms and other attempts to structure a world that doesn’t follow a logic we can possibly ever grasp.

Rather than proposing new (exclusive) models to think with, xeno-design describes the process of exercising abduction of thought, alienation of oneself and creation of new knowledge paradigms and scopes of action.

Recent works include short sci-fi film Common Task (2017), Interface Creep (2018), Otherwise festival (2018-19).

Our plans for 2018:
Beyond Change presentation and screening, FHNW Basel
Storytelling for the post-Anthropocene artist talk, Prague College
– CT screening, IAM Weekend 18 Barcelona
Science Fiction Storytelling as a Means for Innovation workshop, MA Design at University of Bern
TIL Gravitation is the cause of migrationMigrant Journal 4: Dark Matters

Interface Creep, Antennae 45: Matter Matters

CT screening, Invisible Film Program, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial
CT screening, Modern Bodies Festival 2018: Alien Bodies

We are based in Basel, CH.
Get in touch via wave(at)circumflex.studio